Full Immersion English while walking in the Swiss Alps

Combine work and play with a Full Immersion English Course while walking in the Swiss Alps. This one week course will improve your body and focus your mind in one of the most beautiful natural settings in the world. Are you with us?

The Walking English Course

First and foremost the official language of the week will be English and all other languages (except gestures!) will be forbidden. The minimum requirement is a basic conversational understanding of English. This is important not only to ensure the quality fo the course but also for the cohesion of the group as they cover ground in the alps. The walking is comfortable with the right shoes and each night the group will arrive at one of the world famous Swiss alpine huts for dinner, relaxation and a good night’s sleep. A mother-tongue teacher will hold 2.5 hours of lesson per day and will be available as part of the group the entire week. Lessons can be held on the backs of a mountain river, under a massive oak tree, on the top of a ravine or in a field of alpine flowers…
Material for the course will be provided. There are NO exams or certificates, this is a course for YOU to improve your English for yourself.

The trekking and hikes

The level of physical intensity of the course is Medium so this course is not for the mountaineer but rather for those who love the mountains and enjoy a relaxing hike in company and who gain satisfaction from a few hours of energetic walking. This is what we want to offer.

Life on the Alpine Trail

The Mountain Huts are not hotels and there are no butlers or concierges or cleaning staff. Each participant is asked to respect the mountain, the community of hikers and the hut. Since this is a team effort, each participant will be asked to take turns with the basic chores as needed, such as looking for firewood, cleaning and preparing food, etc.

The Itinerary

In the mountains the weather is in charge of the itinerary. Fortunately the paths we will follow have been followed for thousands of years and the network of trails has evolved with the weather and with nature so that alternatives for good and bad weather have developed over time. In general we can say that during the days we will walk and in the evenings we will rest in the huts. Of course we will chase the sun!

Minimum Requirements for participation

Anyone between 25 and 50 years of age. The official language is English so participants must at least be able to communicate. As this experience is based on trekking, all participants should be in good physical condition. These limitations are intended to improve the experience of the course and we invite anyone outside these limits to look at our other courses or, better still, propose an alternative course that would work for them and we will help put it together!

Included in the package?

  • Hospitality in the Huts
  • Food (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks)
  • English Lessons
  • Material for the English Course
  • Hiking
Not included are transportation to the departure point

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