MADEI offers the platform to improve your spoken English whilst you enjoy life changing adventures from around the world . We offer you a world to interact with other learners to build upon your English speaking.

We at MADEI believe in the simple pleasures like a vacation with friends, a day in the mountains or the chance to share common passions. We are offering an affordable package of a time of adventure to spend quality time with others in a serene environment.


Time of adventure


Quality time



Throughout the year we put together and share tour proposals for our clients and potential clients that we think might be of interest. They vote and we select the most favorable to be explored. Our platform aims to combine study with pleasure while the trips and activities (based around a single theme) are conceived to bring people together to share an interest or a passion. The MADEI experience is directed at people who are looking for something different and unusual; less tied to traditional didactic and more toward the experience of learning together.


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Practice English while relaxing in the mountains

For a simple Weekend Break you don't need to travel far from home: MADEI offers you a typical mountain home in the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland at Cavagnago.


26-27 August 2017
160 CHF each person
8 Min
14 Max


Full Immersion English while walking in the Swiss Alps

Combine work and play with a Full Immersion English Course while walking in the Swiss Alps. This one week course will improve your body and focus your mind in one of the most beautiful natural settings in the world. Are you with us?


6-14 August 2017
950 CHF each person

Vote the idea you like most!

These are the ideas we're thinking about, projects that aren't real yet... but that could be very soon if you're interested. Do you like an idea? Vote for it and share it with your friends!


Celebrity Survivors English Course

A "Celebrity Survivors" experience on a desert island but without the videocameras and the voting! Practice your English in full immersion, and with no where to hide. Would you do it?


10 Days Autumn 2017
To be difined each person


Learn English on the rivers of Scotland

If we organized a study-cruise on a beautiful river boat / barge in Scotland would you join us?


10 Days Summer 2017
2500 CHF each person

  • I am so happy

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    "I am so happy that I put the time and money into this trip! This is my first adventure experience and I loved it. Everything was simple and very relaxed. I loved the mountain walk. Staying in the house and doing things together with others brought back past times. I am glad I made the decision to be part of this trip."

    Sofia Keller

  • This tour was amazing

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    "This tour was amazing and very unique. It was a good learning experience. It was fun being with the other learners and travelers. I enjoyed the time spent on this trip and I'm looking forward to the next trip."

    David Jannings

  • I loved this trip

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    "I loved this trip. It was the best weekend of my life! It was very affordable and I enjoyed the group times. I loved the local food and the culture. Thank you Madei"

    Lorena Suarez

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